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What proof is that?

All that % is showing is ammo translated into % in steps of 1/12.

You keep referring to the number of pips as if they are based on a different regen formula.

If they are using the same regen as a BH but not displaying a whole ammo until it can be rounded up in a step of 1/12 then the regen is exactly the same at all times.

The same applies to the costs, 1 ammo doesn't have to be 1 ammo.

The only proof in any of this is a dev reply on internal mechanics (and pigs might fly) or some extremely tedious testing by hand.

You believe that Troopers pay more for their attacks.

This is provable, set up a macro to click at a fixed interval so that both classes slowly drop into lower regen.

Over a long enough period of time the one with the highest cost will dip into lower regen first and this can be seen on a combat log as less attacks.

Unless of course my theories on them being identical are true in which case they will never differ because it's all just a graphical rather than a mathematical difference in their action points.
The percentage Ammo is shown is the actual amount, not the number of pips. I use Ion Pulse twice and it drops down to 76% with 9/12 Ammo then a second later it goes to 81% still with 9/12. A Macro is also unnecessary due to the Global Cooldown being exactly 1.5 seconds. As I mentioned in the first post, When I use Ion Pulse 3 times (exactly 4.5 seconds) I dropped down to Moderate Regen, then the base regen would put me back into Fast.
4 Ion Pulses (exactly 6 seconds) would fully submerge me into Moderate regen.

A Bounty Hunter can use their Flame Burst 5 times (exactly 7.5 seconds) before being fully submerged into Moderate

I did another test, I used Ion Pulse, followed by a Hammershot, Basically I fired Ion Pulse exactly every 3 Seconds. It took 14 Ion Pulses to hit moderate Regeneration.
In comparison, I did the exact same test on my Powertech. Flame Burst, Rapid Shots, Flame Burst. I was firing Flame Burst every 3 Seconds due to GCD. It took me 48 Flame Bursts before I hit Moderate regen.

Cost is definitely the issue. My Powertech was able to use Flame Burst about 3.5 times more than my Vanguard, before finally hitting moderate regen. A difference that big cannot be due to random chance.