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Point, but finding Grievous isn't going to be like finding G0-T0. He's going to be leading the charge, striking at Revan's forces personally. Arguably he was a coward, but he wasn't so cowardly that he would shy away from battle. He was a warrior, and would probably (probably) want to test his skills against Revan in combat. He wasn't afraid of Jedi remember, he relished battling and killing them, so why should he be afraid of Revan? And remember the Malevolence? That time Grievous was trying to stay hidden and still the Republic managed to track it down and destroy it.

And Grievous isn't going to avoid a fight, and Revan is smart enough to goad Grievous into a one, perhaps by presenting him with an easy target. Or he could have his assassins infiltrate Grievous' flagship and track/sabotage it so Revan can set a trap. Or he could simply drop out of hyperspace when Grievous attacks his powerbase. Chances are Grievous will come for Revan personally. Revan is not Thrawn, but he's a good if not exemplary tactician. He's not going to lose a space battle to some droid, Grievous has the best chance of defeating him, and Grievous knows that.

In terms of battle strategy, much like Mandalore, Revan can employ hit and run tactics, draw Grievous out with light attacks and then surround him with a full force. It almost defeated Grievous in his last Kaggath, so why not now when Revan has superior tactical skills and forces as well as numbers? (And assassins which a perfect for guerrilla tactics) And Revan can easily overcome Grievous' superior numbers through strategy, he only needs one battle to kill Grievous. And Grievous can't put all his forces in one star system now can he? If Revan strikes quick and fast the General will be too dead to recover.

And it doesn't matter who G0-T0 tips off, G0-T0's best chance of a swift victory is bringing Revan and Grievous together early on so he can eliminate them both simultaneously. Which gives Revan the chance he needs to kill Grievous.

Sorry if I just seem to be supporting Revan here, but Revan fanboi turn out seems to be surprisingly low...

P.S Concerning the Magnaguards Ashoka actually was almost killed by them, but managed to escape or was saved if I recall. She did not defeat them however. Still, this is Revan we are talking about. He can beat Magnaguards. We also have to consider what would happen if Revan brought Dark Jedi with him. And Malak.

EDIT: I stand corrected, Ashoka did beat those Magnaguards. 3 of them, apparently it was a difficult fight. I would call plot armour but we also have to remember that Ashoka was actually an exemplary padawan, and could go toe-to-toe with Asajj Ventress. (Who apparently pwns everyone :P)
Asajj Ventress dominated Ahsoka as I recalll.