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Hello this is Insanus your friendly imperial fleet assassin *Edit* Its apparent that people would like to see an overall 1v1 tournament. If that is the case the same rules apply just a different set up will occur. Please include the name of character(s) that youd wish to involve in this tournament. If it is possible Id like to have the names off all participating by Friday 2/1/13 so we will be able to set up barracks and begin the tournament. (It is obvious that this tournament will take some time so please be patient.)

Agree with your opponents BEFOREHAND regarding any rules you can think of (adrenals? medpacs? location of fighting? line of sighting? grenades? etc). Anything that isn't discussed is fair game.
Matches should be at least best of 3, but they can be best of whatever
Tournament is single-elimination. When you lose a match, you're out.
No companions (obvious)
Tournament brackets are generated randomly.
Respecs are allowed at any time throughout the tournament
Ive never organized anything, and I am sure you all have cool ideas to add so please feel free to The date is still not set so put some dates out there, and maybe we can all agree on something.
Cheers, Insanus
(No I do not want to do legacy punching match.)
"One Insanus to rule them all, one Insanus to find them, one Insanus to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."
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