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Chapter 3

The Prism- Warden's Office

Luke and Jaina followed the Jansil into the Warden's office. The office was decorated with several amenities that Luke felt were unnecessary. The Warden's desk had several small and rare flowers in silver vases next to a small computer at the center of his desk. At the back was a large painting of himself holding a baby Akk Dog.

Jansil sat at the desk and sighed heavily. "I don't know Master Jedi. Having that guy and his goons here makes me uneasy."

Luke tended to agree. This 'Master' was up to something, and Luke didn't like the tension that he was feeling. "You told me that this prison was a fortress, Jansil. I'm sure you can keep him here until his execution." Despite the feelings, Luke remained cautiously optimistic. "I'll be leaving Master Kam Solusar here just in case." If anything, having a Jedi Master here would keep the prison in line.

Jansil tensed as he wiped his brow. "Thank you, Master Skywalker. A Jedi should help, but I have this feeling that just won't go away." Jansil started to relax, but that tension returned. "I feel like he actually wants to be here."

Behind Luke, Jaina Solo slipped out of the office.

*** *** *** ***

Hutta- Jiguuna Spaceport

The Harbinger stepped off The Defender's boarding ramp and onto the sickly marsh of Nal Hutta. The planet was once a lush world thousands of years ago, now it is a toxic marsh. The air she breathed was a poisonous fume, but she used The Force to protect her from the toxic air.

The spaceport was empty besides the astromechs that desperately attempted to keep the port tidy, and several slaves and attendants. The spaceports walls ringed around The Defender, they were covered in slime and what The Harbinger could only consider to be 'gunk.'

She was approached by two pale white Twi'leks clad in extravagant black robes. They were followed by a hunched over creature that crawled on the ground. When the three came to a stop, the creature looked up. It was an Evocii. The Hutts' slaves had been so cruelly treated to the point that they were forced to crawl on the ground.

The female Twi'lek tossed the Evocci a small piece of flesh, which the creature devoured with pathetic zeal. The Twi'lek then bowed to The Harbinger. "Our master- The Great Ardunna The Hutt- was alerted to your arrival, but... he was expecting someone else."

Of course he was. The Harbinger knew who they were expecting. "You were expecting my father."

At first the Twi'leks were confused, but they quickly regained their composure. The male Twi'lek stroked his long lekku. "Our master was unaware of The Great One having a child. Did he send you here?"

She nodded in reply. "Take me to your master. We have business to discuss."

The Twi'leks bowed once again. "Of course, follow us." They clicked their heels and turned around to exit the spaceport. The Harbinger and the Evocii slave followed after them.

*** *** *** ***

The Prism- Solitary Confinement

Alone in a cell. It had been so long since The Master was alone. He enjoyed his time alone, it gave him time to think, time to plan. He had planned his war carefully over centuries. He knew that his ascent would need to happen eventually, so he began planning for his war centuries ago. He moved pieces to suit his purposes, noted the strengths and weaknesses of the Galactic Government, and planned accordingly. The Force had given him visions of his war, each attack was shown to him, each step was planned to ensure that his victory would come to be. His victory was ordained by The Force.

The Master heard the echoes of someone's footsteps come down the hall. More visitors. Minutes later Jaina Solo appeared in front of his cell with a steel chair in hand.

She set the chair up and sat down. "We need to talk."
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