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You can 2 man everything EXCEPT the last part, which requires 4 people.

People are talking about a giant force field which you need 3-4 to get through, you don't technically.

The very last part after you beat the boss (You must interrupt force siphon when 2 manning, there is no question on this), needs 4 human characters to click 4 things at once.

All you do is stand right next to the field, open it, then quickly move to the other side as its open. Then the other person has to do it.

Just go through the entire mission with 2 people and when you get to the end ask in general chat if anyone wants to just do the last part. Get 2 people in party, do the simple puzzles again and done.

I actually enjoy this Heroic cause it takes thinking and coordination. I rarely pug it.

*WARNING* the Heroic fights though are a bit difficult to 2 man, especially if you are not using ranged/healing companions and dont have at least 2 CCs. If you trigger a alarm beam or whatever they are then the fights can get out of hand with only 2 people. It will take proper planning and coordination, but that would be part of the fun!
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