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01.21.2013 , 07:44 PM | #1
So I've just come back from leaving in.. ~1.1, so my knowledge is outdated, to say the least -- however after bouncing between all my many alts, i've settled on leveling my sage again -- 38 atm, middle of hoth.

Problem is, dunno if it was nerfs or i'm just bad -- but i'm getting faceslammed. my gear is mostly blues/oranges filled with blues/purples, running what was the normal spec in my day -- but I can see it's probably not as good anymore -- Balance up to Presence of mind, TK up to tk wave/psychic projection.

Problem is.. i'm dying too easy, multiple normal mobs are no problem, TK throw/project/force quake rips through them, but I run into even one silver with another mob? qyzen is almost-if-not dead, and i'm halfway there.. and the fight takes forever.

Rotation is simple Weaken mind -> project -> Tk throw until procs -> Mind crush -> Repeat

So, TLDR; Anyone suggest some tips, or a build for a returner to level with in this strange new world?