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he used popular, disfigured and based on propaganda model of Third Reich, not much connection with reality.

Empire illuminates with infinite wisdom of the Sith while republic rots from the inside thanks to scourge known as democracy and jedi actvities

Infinite wisdom of the Sith?


The Sith would and have killed for fun and are not above killing subordinates or their higher ups for more power. If anything the Sith rot the Empire away. The non force users seem to hate and/or fear the Sith because of all the power they have.

I must note that my troll senses are tingling.
"They always lock the door. You’d think they’d have learned by now. Doesn’t look like there’s a key – that would be too easy. The console to unlock the door is probably hidden in some room twelve floors up or something… how does that make sense?"
―Kyle Katarn