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I'm not saying I don't like the show because I do. It's just, they've done a few things in which make me raise my eyebrows. For example, in the movies, Anakin was a hot-headed, whiny brat who was bordering on selfish. In the CW cartoon, they changed his character completely and make him a respectful master to Ahsoka, as he chastises her a lot for things he'd have done in the movies without a second thought.

Also, the clones bug me because I can't buy into their emotions and individuality since we know the murderous animals they become. Does anyone here think someone like Rex or Cody would willingly murder Jedi with a single order from the Chancellor? I don't believe it at all, as we're shown in the CW, they respect the Jedi and look up to them on the battlefield. Their unique personalities prove they could easily reject Order 66 and not become cold-blooded animals, yet as we're shown in the ROTS, they purge Jedi and even murder younglings at the Jedi Temple!

Which brings me to my last point in the rant. The Jedi youngling arc just recently shown in season 5 made me a little uneasy; I know they probably don't grow up to be Padawans as they could very well be murdered by Anakin (now Vader) in the Jedi Temple! It made me a little sad, as we attach ourselves to these characters' emotions, and yet we know what happens in the future and it sort of makes me a little disappointed. I don't know about you, but these are my pet peeves of the show.

If you have anything else I missed, please state your opinions as I like debating these issues with fellow SW geeks lol.
I agree The Clone Wars might portray things a little off. Such as some of the Clone Troopers battle dialogue sounds a bit childish and juvenile "Pep em Lads! Droid Poppers! That's the Stuff!." As much as I liked the Season 4 Episode: Darkness on Umbara, the one part I didn't like was when they dropped off the AT-RT Drivers, their dialogue made me cringe from how dumb it was. Also a lot of stuff seems dumbed down because apparently their trying to appeal to a younger audience. And yes I'm quite aware this show gets real dark with brutal killings...well as best they can get away with, so I'm not painting this show as a strictly children show.

And not just the Clone Troopers but the battle droids as well which IMO are worse. It's like in the movies where the droids went from Episode I "sorta funny" to Episode II "kinda funny" to "they are making Jar Jar look good" ridiculousness in Episode III. In this show they are so dumb and ineffective that you'd think they swapped their programming with a malevolent protocol droid instead of an actual battle droid. The older model Tactician Droids act more like the droids should be acting.

As for your points. I agree about Anakin being very different. But personally I like him like this, rather than what Hayden Christensen tried to make work. In fact I would have prefered seeing this version of Anakin in the prequels rather than Hayden's performace. If Matt Lanter was as good a live action actor as he was a Voice Actor I would have swapped him for Hayden and modified the script to make Anakin more like TCW Version anyday.

Clone Troopers murderous animals? I think that's a bit much. Most of them were simply following orders, and they were conditioned since birth to obey orders without question or fail. Some didn't follow the order, most did. To disobey their orders was treason. Another thing people seem to overlook is "we" don't know what was going on under their helmets at the time. They could have been ranging from upset to enraged and feeling betrayed because frankly Order 66 painted the Jedi Order as Traitors to the Republic which meant to them that the Jedi had betrayed them after all they've been through. There were some that flat out didn't like their Commanders to begin with though like Bacara who was often at odds with Ki Adi Mundi or Faie who's strict attitude was often at odds with Quinlan Vos' roguish anything goes attitude.

Besides....I always favored the armored guys in Star Wars over the Jedi/Sith so I really could care less that they execute Order 66 to be honest. BLASTERS FTW!

As for those Younglings...we don't know that. For all you know they could have survive the Order by being elsewhere.
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