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OOC: [[ Ikinai is open to any help ATM]]

Callexus left the cantina and saw the chalk outlines of a few bodies, "huh, that pipsqueak did all this?" he began to walk out to the promenade, he activated his helmets scanner, it takes the inhabitants faces and searches through their records, giving him a name, and the charge if any, "Where could you be.." he thought he saw her leaving the promenade, but wasn't sure, he continued his search of the bottom floor, and he got nothing, he went to follow his lead, "Where are you headed sir?" the droid asked. "Was their a small twi'lek just here?" "yes sir, she went to the casino, should I plot that course for you?" Callexus nodded and he set out after her, mean while the droid's owner who was nearby was counting the credits he got for allowing the droid to say that.

Ikinai was lucky, very lucky, the hunter had just passed through 'your such a idiot! walking in broad daylight!' "thank you kind sir," she ran from the area hoping he was far enough away he wouldn't see her, it was possible the cantina may have inhabitants that could help her, willingly or not, the crowd should be big, she ran for the area, just before putting her hood up, just in case any camrea's could see her.

OOC: [not sure if the droids owner could actually do that but *shrug*]]
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