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Da Tilla, was not happy, given he was normally not happy, but now was a special occasion, In his bar, some Twi'lek had started a brawl, and even worse, its reported there are men coming for him, he does believe in his defenses of course, but from what he heard happened there, he has been recruiting new guards, they will probably just be blaster fodder of course, but he didn't care, 'sir... Are you sure about these new recruits?" his translator, a 2v-R8, inquired, "If I need more you will grab a blaster yourself Translator," he laughed as the droid bowed and ran off afraid, he had just hired 2 new recruits, one was just some kid from the slums, the other, he looked promising. he was a big and bulky Chiss, he had always enjoyed there work, always quick and deadly, his name was 'Callexus' Da tilla sent him off to learn who started that fight, and who did the most damage, and to kill them once found, or brought back alive for a bonus, Da TIlla was confident in him, but for now all Da TIll could do was wait, He ordered for his slaves to dance for him, A king needed entertainment after all.

Callexus found what he needed, after 'bargaining and a little accident' the bar tender told him, it was a small Twi'lek who started it all, she apparently assaulted some drunkard with a bottle, the top damage dealers were a trandoshan, he would be the hardest of the group, then there was this masked man, he wore mandolorian armor, he would come last, the 'hunter would become the hunted' he laughed at his joke and set off to find the little pipsqueak who started it all,

Ikinai was now afraid, very afraid, the bar tender from the cantina holo-ed her, he told her about the bounty hunter and what he now knew, 'He'll come for me first'she thought, she knew it was true, she was also told about the other possible targets, the trandoshan, 'AKA mr Scaly' she thought to herself, and a mandolorian, she of course didn't rank up to the other two, and would be aimed for first, she had no allies on the smugglers moon, she used to, but they all died or swore allegiances else where, she would have to find a place to lie low, very soon, and very fast.
Serafinia, a small smuggler girl who had been taken under cathinkas wing approached her mentor.
"You were right." she said, "Da tilla has sent bounty hunters after all who were involved in the brawl... Luckily, according to my sources, you were not on the list."
Cathinka stopped brushing the fir on her jacket, and looked at Serafinia, Horrified. "Tails?" She asked,
"As far as i know, yes, she was on the list. As was scales, and that odd looking bounty hun-"
"Mandalorian" Cathinka cut her off.
"I cant let that poor girl die. From what we saw in the cantina she is afraid... Alone. She probably has no allies. No friends... Here, take this," cathinka said.
"Lipstick?!?!?" Serafinia inquired. Curious.
" Yes, a listening device the size of a pinhead is inside. Find the smuggler, slip it inside any bag, or pocket you can see. If she doesnt use it, we'll have to find another way to keep an eye on her, and protect her."

OOC: (Didnt know what your intentions are, so if you want her to die, or fend for herself, just dont find or dont use the lipstick :P
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