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I've played a MDPS since launch (valor 100 marauder) and here's my 2 cents on keybinds.

Simple essentials:

WAD for movement (A and D for strafe). Rebound S key to basic attack (assault), no more backpedaling. Some advocate using RDFG since you access more keys to the left side of your hand but I don't find it necessary.
Mouse turning; right mouse button held at all times to keep camera moving; camera zoomed out to about 80% (change that in the game settings). Combined with WASD, this allows for maximum mobility and situational awareness.
Hold down left+right mouse buttons to move forward while doing fast/complex keybinds or when tunneling a healer and feeling lazy.

Now for keybinds themselves:
I tend to put abilties with similar purposes in the same slots across different specs and characters, because muscle memory can work for or against you. Most accessible keybinds for the most-used abilities (FQERZXC12345); I like using shift modifiers for channeled abilities.
S is basic attack (assault), as mentioned before. On healers it can be the basic heal (diagnostic scan), or bubble.
F is my 'opener' key. On the mara it is force charge, on PT it's explosive dart, on sorc healer resurgence etc.
Q is my 'spammer' key, or my most frequently used abilities. On rage mara it's vicious slash, on carnage it is masscre, as anni it's rupture, PT is flame burst, etc
E is my 'finisher' key. Rage mara = smash, carnage mara = scream, anni mara = annihilate, pyro PT = railshot; basically your hard hitting finisher
R is my execute (vicious throw). For classes that don't have an execute i bind it to something stealth or speed related (force speed, sneak).
12345 for common abilities. E.g. 1- battering assault, 2 - force crush, 3 - obliterate, 4 - retaliate
Shift-S for your hard hitting/healing channel. E.g. ravage, unload, dark infusion, kolto injection
Shift-F for primary stun e.g. choke, electro dart, electrocute
Shift-QER for miscellaneous
Shift-Space for primary mez e.g. roar, whirlwind, flashbang
Shift WAD for defensive cooldowns e.g. wz adrenal, cloak of pain, saber ward, energy shield
V for emergency e.g. undying rage, vanish, unnatural preservation
ZXC for utility e.g. obfuscate, snare, interrupt, taunts
Shift-ZXC for grenades
Middle mouse button for force camo on my mara, overload on sorc, crouch on operative
Mouse button 4 (on my mouse its the button under my thumb) for CC breaker
Shift - Mouse button 4 for wz medpack
T for throw huttball
F1-F4 for special abilities. In my case F1=berserk, F2=predation, F3=bloodthirst, F4=frenzy
`(tilde) for regen
ctrl+S for mount, ctrl+D for rocket boost
Shift-mouse scroll up for mark target star, shift-mouse scroll down for mark target reticle, numpad 1-5 for mark target saber/flame/shield etc

Hope this helps