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Sure you can give out internal details. There are no public laws prohibiting you! The reason you dont is because YOU DO NOT WANT to give them out.
Not true, they MIGHT be able to give out internal details, however something in a CS contract is most likely prohibiting them from doing it.

Even if they were not to have that clause in there it's very poor practice for any game company to give precise dates on things such as this because some other issues could arise that push back the release of the specific problem. They'd get such a storm from people if they were to say "it will be in the very next patch that will be going out on day X" and it were to turn out to have to be pushed back.

It also wouldn't be fraud as it doesn't appear to affect everyone and they have no way of knowing who is actually affected by this issue. Fraud is a very hard thing to have get the charges to stick

I agree that it's a serious issue however to say something like this is being rather ignorant.

I also agree that BioEA's customer service is god awful most of the time but vagueness is usually the way companies address their customers with issues such as this

I do hope this gets fixed rather quickly, while I personally am not affected by it, it would be a pain in the *** if i were
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