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Ravvok tossed aside the Kaleesh blade he had and put his hands on his lightsabers. You speak of perishing as if it weren't your own fate the human replied. He was close to drawing his weaponswhen he heard another voice from the crowd. You are no better than out invaders, Hok warriors an older Kaleesh said, stepping forward with a warblade in hand. We know of your plight of conquering, and we'd rather allow the invaders to fight their war here than be brought down by you he said. Ravvok looked a little confused, but regained his composure.
Vizidaru chuckled at the outsider's arrogance and was prepared to open fire if the fool pulled out his weapon, but was once again caught off guard by an opposing Kaleesh voice. The older member of the Yig tribe moved with weapon hin hand, expressing his displeasure at the Hok tribe's presence and apparent brutality. The old man's lack of understanding sparked an anger in Vizidaru's soul, and it was only out of a need to look in control that he didn't strike down the old man right where he stood.

"You old fool! What our tribe has done has always been in the name of our people as a whole, and what this tribe is doing is consorting with invaders for personal gain!" In anger the Hok warlord began to walk away, "I will give the Yig some time to reconsider their alliances, but if they choose to continue consorting with invaders then the Hok will return. And not in peace."

Vizidaru departed with his elite bodyguard, but once they got to the outskirts of the camp he stopped to address his men, "The ten of you will ambush the outsider when he leaves their camp, and I will gather some more clansmen and prepare to ambush any nearby outsider forces. The more of them we kill, the more of their weapons we gain and can use for ourselves. " His elite bodyguard raised their Imperial rifles with blades tied to the front in salute, then immediately departed for the trees while Vizidaru moved towards his own people's camp.

Soon it would be time to strike.
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