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if there's a solo non-stealther guard at civil war or hypergates, I'll so cap it everytime on my operative, regardless what class it is (Except if they position themselves smart, which very rarely occurs). I'm comfortable solo- guarding with my BH, since I also play a stealther and know how to counter a ninja-cap, but as I've seen most people don't care about it.
You don't even have to position yourself smart to stop a ninja capper. Like I said before, on my Sniper I almost always solo defend our objectives, so naturally I have to worry about Stealthers who look at me and go 'oh lookie here, a lone defender, I think I'll just go stun him a couple of times and cap the objective then proceed to laugh! Mwuhahahaha!'. They don't know they've just made a huge mistake.

On AH when Solo Guarding our Pylon I position myself right next to the Pylon. Alot of people think this is stupid but it isn't. I go into Cover (to avoid a Sin/Shadow pulling me away as his buddy caps) and spam Orbital Strike on the Pylon to stop Ninja Cappers. Sometimes a Stealther comes along and stuns me with their in-stealth stun, then try to cap. What I do then is use my CC breaker, go back into cover and activate 'Entrench' (for all you non-Snipers out there, it's an in-cover ability that makes you immune to all Stuns). I then interrupt the cap. Like any ninja capper they'll try to stun me with their 8-second stun and try to cap again. However since I've got Entrench active that means their stun failed to stun me, meaning that their entire Ninja Cap plan has failed and they are forced to either retreat or die at my hands.

This method has stopped many Ninja Cappers to this day.