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Star wars lore....

Warriors always win...

Darth Maul: Double bladed light saber, Assassin (DEAD) Killed by Obi'wan Kenobi: Warrior
The Emporer: Lightning spam, obviously a sorc (DEAD) Killed by Darth Vader: Warrior
Padme's assassin: Operative (DEAD) Killed by PT but injured intially by Obi'wan Kenobi: Warrior
Jhengo Fett: Mercenary (DEAD) Killed by Mace Windu: Warrior

You see... the only warriors that died in Star Wars... were killed by other warriors.

Mace Windu was obviously owning The Emporer but got caught tunneling and lolsmashed by Anakin right out the window.

When Obi'wan died at the hands of Vader he was obviously running combat spec. The old guys never adapt to the latest patches so they run previously viable specs. Not knowing that rage had been buffed he fell to the smash of Vader who had obviously read the latest patch notes.

Then later in the series... Luke had learned from the death of Obi'wan and never ran combat spec again and swore to be the greatest smasher in the galaxy. His high midochlorian count and connection with the force lead him to realize that he could drop his crit rating, stack surge and power and smash harder than any Jedi or Sith before him. Thus leading to the lolsmashfest which eventually ended in Vaders death.

This same lore can also be used to explain why mercs/commandos suck.... have you seen how many of those guys die in the movies?

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