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"It seems the clouds themselves weep with joy at my arrival."

Lord Sapiens chuckled at his own little joke as he looked out the window of his transport ship, watching the rain fall on the jungle below as they began to land in a small clearing. Another chuckle could be heard from the cockpit, where his young apprentice was piloting the vessel.

"And I would assume the lightning is a sign that an even higher power wants you to leave."

"Your wisecracks can't bring me down today young man. Once I get my hands on whatever lies beneath it will bring us one step closer to our main objective." The ship landed with a thud, "Nothing can get in my way."

His apprentice, a young human Jedi-gone-astray by the name of Bellix Yetari, stood up after landing the ship and mockingly bowed before his master, "Whatever you say your highness. Should I stay on the ship, or prepare myself for this wonderful journey?"

"You can remain here, but make sure you get outside once in a while. The energies of this place are worth meditating over my young prince. Someday you will need all of the knowledge you can to complete our mission."

Before his apprentice could respond Sapiens lowered the ship's ramp and exited, the rain immediately soaking his burgundy red robes and dark grey cloak. Bellix watched his master raise his arms as if embracing the rain, but knew that he was instead embracing the powerful energies of the area. There was a savage power here, and as usual Sapiens would be determined to make it his own. After a few minutes the master was ready to begin his journey, waving one last time to his apprentice before entering the jungle.

"And so my hunt begins."
"This is all very interesting, but why should I care?"
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