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My question is why are premade players so against split queues? e're not suggesting taking away your ability to play with your friends or guild. We're just suggesting that you be matched up against people that have the same advantage you have. Why do you see that as something to oppose?
The opposition is on two fronts:
1. Ques are already split, yet barriers exist for one, so does adding another split make sense given the populations?
2. Premading don't guarantee a win or a faceroll for that matter. And even the built in advantages aren't even utilized 100% of the time (sometimes we are playing grabazz with the female guild members)... There is no possible way a premade will faceroll a competent, decently geared PuG (unless the RNG gods lined up 8 DPS Mercs against the servers top premade).

The solution is simple.
Premades 8EA que for Ranked Only.
Premades 4EA que for either, but not both.
Premades 2-3 Normals.
Solo Normal only.
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