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01.21.2013 , 03:46 PM | #1
I was leveling up my Jugg so i can hit 40 and get the end tier talent skills, and i wanted to compare my Jugg to my Mara pvp wise.(Mara is level 45). It seems that even with end tier talents i kinda have to put a bit of work to get over 200k Damage done on my Jugg, as for my Mara 200k+ is usually the norm. For my Jugg to break 200k i'd have to spec into Rage. Keep in mind that i tested out all 3 Mara specs, and pushing 200k+ is not hard for sub-50.

On paper Jugg should do pretty well damage wise, but in actuallity it's a bit more complicated. As in Veng spec i'd have to constantly stack up Sunder Armor for my Shatter to work and Shatter needs a whopping 5 rage to use, and maybe i'm playing my Jugg wrong, but jesus i get Rage starved for days, compared to my Mara with Battering Assault. I feel like i'd have to Saber throw -> Charge -> Enrage -> Sundering Assault to even have enough rage to complete a rotation. Which includes Shatter -> Impale -> Force Scream.

Also my Jugg being able to tank, his gear is always updated to the latest mods that the FP has to offer, as opposed to my Mara's semi-outdated gear. So at lvl 50 are Juggs dependent on gear to be successful?(excluding rage spec.)

Also my Mara has full Mk-6 Augment slots with like level 33-37 Str augments, as for my Jugg only has a few Augments on his orange gear..... if that makes any difference.