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You just point out that they try too hard to look hardcore.

IMO, diplomacy, stealth and resolve win wars, not symbolic theatrics and ego tripping.

Have you ever tried to get rid of an ant colony by squashing each of them individually? Go see how long it will take.
what win wars is: strategy and tactic - and resources; human, other metals and minerals that are not human.
stealth is all good and shiny if you want to steal few guns and rob magazines on a little scale
diplomacy, violence is also a form of diplomacy
and resolve, Sith have it a lot

they are not hardcore, they are Sith and they enjoy discords and suffering

and in Star Wars, in this period of time the Force is a huge factor, considering that one skilled user can wipe whole planet. one Sith Warrior is worth dozens of regular soldiers, if not hundreds.

of course you dont, theres many more simple solutions to expire ant colony. without breaking intellectual sweat
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