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Species: chiss,
Name: Callexus
Age: 25
Height: [body type 3]
Weight: [body type 3]
Birth Planet: dromuund kaas,
Class: bounty hunter
Advanced Class: mercenary
Primary Weapon: dual blasters, [named ' Flash, and victorious,]
Secondary Weapon: grenades, flame thrower, and missles
Misc Items: a imperial training camp ID, a light saber, [he collects them after he kills a jedi/sith]
Force Abilities: (if any)
Personality: HE has a heart of gold, until it comes to getting the job done, he'll do whatever it takes for it,
His father was a admiral in the imperial fleet, and Callexus was a aspiring trooper himself. until one day his father dis obeyed a direct order from a sith, his father, then took them to tatooine to hide, they were happy for a while, then the sith found them, he bound Callexus to a pole, [a radio transmitter they had,] and then he grabbed his father and mother, he killed Callexus's mother fast and easy, his father didn't share the same fate, the sith told Callexus "learn from the sins of thy father," he then proceeded to torture his father, shocking choking, doing whatever he could to make him suffer after his father died, the sith untied Callexus and left, Something changed in him that day, he resigned from the academy, and began to free lance, doing whatever he could against the sith, he even abandoned his name, [so it was now Callexus,,]

thought maybe I'd make a Bounty hunter, [probably go after Ikinai,]
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