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The biggest obstacle to non-basic speaking alien races for this game is that the non-basic speech already in this game is a short list of sound loops that are all pure gibberish.
1. There are less than a dozen Huttese sound loops used over and over, throughout the game, by all Huttese speaking male NPCs of any player species.
2. The companions that don't speak basic seem to be limited to less than 5 sound loops.

This is why non-basic alien languages result in screen smashing boredom. Because it isn't real language. There is no syntax, or grammatical structure. Games are horrible for reusing alien language sound files too frequently. This game is no different. Jawas, Hutts, droids, Talz, Wookies, Ortolans, Chevin, thus far have all reused a short list of "species" specific audio files. And these are memorized very quickly.

And this why any non-basic speaking race ever added to the game, will probably be limited to a racial class. Opening up the other 8 class stories to a non-basic speaking race would require all of the VO work to be rerecorded twice, once for each gender.
1. ONE non-basic speaking race that uses the existing class stories = 16 complete VO tracks
2. ONE non-basic speaking race limited to a single class story = 2 complete VO tracks.

Even if the non-basic speaking race were confined to a single class story, a unique syntax and grammar would have to be used just to make the VO work sound authentic. Otherwise, by the time you play through to endgame, you will have memorized all of the sound loops, and the cutscenes will have become a repetitive grind ~ even when your doing missions for the first time.

It's a massive can of worms ~ they have to find a VO actor who can teach themselves a language that doesn't exist, and not repeat themselves except when they should. The creative process would go something like this.
1. write the script for the VO work
2. create a dictionary from that script - either in the form of whole words or phoenetic sounds
3. assign an audio file to each of those words or phoenetic sounds. (recorded VO)
4. construct sample audio loops that match the script ~ these will sound like a telephone robot version
5. Re-record the sample audio loops using VO actors & actresses

This, or something similar, are really the only ways to achieve a realistic sound for the amount of VO work needed for a non-basic speaking species.

This is possibly less VO work than creating English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, & Spanish, language files for a new basic speaking class story.
1. ONE new basic speaking race with a new class story = 12 complete VO tracks (male & female)
2. ONE new non-basic speaking race with a new class story = 2 complete VO tracks (male & female)

1. Non - basic speaking races are the cheaper way to go for BW to introduce new classes
2. Basic speaking races are the best way for BW to introduce new races to the existing classes.
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