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I really enjoyed playing as Agent and Assassin.

Sith warriors seem like the dumb brutes, who'd roar loud and mighty, but would get turned into cannon fodder because of their stupidity.

However, I found the Jedi Knight similar - something about him made it feel as if he's the brainwashed enforcer of the republic. If the republic would outlaw little kittens tomorrow, then the Jedi Knight would be the first to hunt down those kittens, lecture them about how good always prevails and then kill those kittens with 0 remorse.
I haven't finished the JK storyline though, so he could prove me wrong.
did you really play Sith Warrior? he is calm, his vocabulary is rich and sense of humour on a higher plane of intelligence than inquisitor. Yes, they do roar, at least make such sound ( force scream ), they are mighty and they choose to fight on the first lines because it gives them satisfaction. Being brutal is not dumb, when you see an ant, you can 1. go to your house, prepare anti-ant cocktail and pour it on ant 2. smash it, Warriors do not overthink simple matters, they thrive in possibility of reshaping flesh of their victims, of mutilating them, of hearing screams of agony, they feed on fear Being a warrior is noble and just, they are recruited mostly from the nobility and top notch elite.
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