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So...I decided to pick Archaeology as one of my Crew Skills. However, I'm torn between Artifice and Synthweaving. Which do you think is better for a Jedi Sentinel? If you can, please also include some facts/advantages/disadvantages in your comments. From there, I will choose my last crew skill accordingly. Thank you, I appreciate any help
If it is your first toon, I would say Artifice.

From a leveling standpoint:
The OH/Enhancements/Crystals will enable you to level your first toon and alternates very quickly. While there are gear drops, the quality and stat allocations can be inapporpriate. With the OH/ENH/CRY you have choice on what stats you carry and can instantly increase them at virtually any level. As a Force-user, you also have access to Hilts with adds to the picture. I know you can do similar things with Syth, but would you put Force gear in your Tank Companion who's main stat is Aim? Conversly, Artifice can outfit him with OHs and enhancements.

From an EndGame standpoint:
As said ealier, Artifice endgame ENH and hilts fetch a pretty penny @ endgame, but the great part about it is if you have been REing stuff like OH/ENN at low levels, you will have access to lower level patterns that people will pay large margins to get. My margins for low level stuff is close to 300%. Blue/Purple LvL 29-45 items are your bread and butter. PvE content gets significantly more difficult at these levels..

Since your first toon if you could find someone that will allow you on their ship for the droid sensor to increase Artifice and TH missions, that would be immensely helpful...
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