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All I know is Kyarra needs to stop copying my gear look. :P Though it does look better on blue than red... :P
I just want to be as sexy as you are when we dance together!

How anyone can put WOOK on there is just crazy, and as for Dark Jesters, well Kyarra the snake ran off to make another guild called Unconquered, because she did not get her own way from what I understand. Attention seeking again, long grass, needs to be cut short snake.
You might want to know all the facts before you start name calling and pointing fingers. However, everyone needs a scapegoat and I tend to find that target on my back more often than i care to. Perhaps you need to find someone with lower self esteem to bully because honestly I forget why you have such hatred against me other than you got booted from DJs and when I logged in you blamed me. I'm used to it though, people either love me or hate me and I can't change who I am, nor will I.
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