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Very true. I'm aware not all clones followed the order. However, the vast majority (probably more than 99%) obeyed Order 66 and purged the Jedi without remorse. Now, this doesn't resonate with me as I can't see the clones being as emotionally tied and invested as they are in the CW cartoon. This is all subjective opinion, and is not fact.

I hope Rex turns out to be a defector as he learnt a lot from that clone who left the army and had a Twilek hybrid family on a farm. Anyway, yeah I agree it's good seeing Anakin in a different light... but surely he couldn't have changed from a whiny brat, into a good master, and then back into a whiny brat for the start of ROTS, as there's only a 3 year gap in which his personality change can occur lol.