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Ravvok disarmed his opponent, winning the duel, but saw the Kaleesh who were yelling. He learned to speak Kaleesh a while ago, and his skills were a bit rusty. The Republic comes here as an oppressive force. We are attempting to extract what is ours, and leave you alone the young Sith warrior replied in Kaleesh.
The outsider's knowledge of the language took Vizidaru off guard for a moment, but also seemed to confirm his suspicions. He smirked to himself as he strode to the center of the crowd, standing in front of the outsider as he picked up the defeated warrior's weapon.

"The fact that this one knows our tongue and abides by our rituals means only one thing! That his people have studied us greatly, and they most likely intent to use that knowledge as tools to conquer us with!" This sent many of the nearby Kaleesh, even a few members of the Yig tribe, into an uproar. The thought of an invading force utilizing Kaleesh rituals for their own gain was sacrilegious, and was sure to be something the honor-bound people would find upsetting.

One of his own tribesman moved to speak, "So it is true that the Yig seek to ally themselves with the invaders?"

"I do not know young Gar." Vizidaru said, although he head heard the rumors about their alliances too,"But if it is true then they have abandoned their honor as Kaleesh and will have to perish!" He then turned back to the outsider Ravvok, "And you forget an important thing...outsider. If it is on this planet then it is ours now. You have nothing to reclaim here! Now tell me if the Yig tribe truly wish to ally with your kind!"

His men prepared to draw their weapons, just in case anything went wrong.
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