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I agree completly the only reason I still play is because its star wars and I keep hoping we will get better alien species. However they have lost a lot of people who wanted to play aliens. Maybe if they add better species they will get them back but they had better hope a new MMO with decent alien species doesn't come out.

The comunity has offered suggestion after suggestion on how aliens could be introduced and they have all been ignored.
Thats my point about the swg former community who used to play wookies,rodians they lost that entire market in beta. The real issue is the voice over crap i dont buy this skinning issue and relating to your toon and all this garbage. Its all about the voice over's and thats why i absolutely hate them. If we didnt have voice overs wed have wookies rodians and lot more for sure.

I agree though they threw away that whole alien race market away for reskinning the human models and calling them other things i.e a blue human is a chiss etc

You know i find it funny how damian is talking about uniqueness and relating to a character and yet all the toons are the same model lol a blue human is a blue human not a chiss they cant even get what we have right now and thier complaining about how much it costs to lift a finger sigh