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Anakin not being a whiny, self-centered brat is a good thing. I have more respect for the character. The Clones were made to follow orders. Yes, many respect the Jedi and would continue to follow them. When Order 66 is issued, however, they do their duty and obey. Most of them. Not all turned on theirJedi commanders. Some disobeyed and helped their Jedi escape. Others even left the Republic (now Imperial) military because of the order.

TCW doesn't portray things wrong. It expands on and sheds new light into things. We only saw theolder Anakin in two movies, same with the Clones. We didn't see them during the war, so we don't know how they behaved and grew in that time. Besides, you have to admit that Anakin NOT being a whiney little b**** is a big improvement to the character.