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Darth Archonus brooded upon his ship, the Chimera, gazing down on the lush, green planet before him. A vicious storm raged about the Fury-class ship, as it always did here, sending violent torrents of rain upon everything within reach and lighting the sky with crackling bolts of lightning. There was a certain ferocity to this planet, a primal power that the Sith could not help but admire. It was almost like Dromund Kaas, except far more wild and untamed. Below, through a view port fogged with moisture, lie a verdant jungle studded with titanic ruins bearing the marks of ancient Sith architecture, half eroded from the constant downpours of the planet. His quarry lie there; he was certain of it.

Turning, the Darth made his way out of the navigation room and into the armory, gathering the essentials. He strapped his armor over his voluminous black robes and donned his faceless mask, gathering medical capsules and spare lightsabers from a nearby table. Once finished, he left and made his way to the airlock, ignoring the overly-friendly goodbye from his steward droid as it hurried after him, and exited the ship.

It was warmer outside than Archonus had expected, but the rain was still unpleasant nevertheless, prompting him to pull the cloak tighter around himself and raise the hood over his head. He could sense the dark power here, the tantalizing call of the powerful artifacts that lay half-buried in Sith catacombs and ruins. Any Force-sensitive could feel it: the planet was, much like Korriban, alive with the Dark Side, brimming with an unseen power that thrummed through every living thing on the planet. It was a siren's song, and They clawed at the confines of his mind in response to it, slavering and hissing to feast on the knowledge that the ruins contained.

The Sith glared out across the jungle beneath his mask, waiting. It wouldn't be easy getting into the temple. Ancient horrors no doubt stalked their halls, or worse: rival Sith. The possibility that Jedi prowled the ruins, guarding the lost secrets that dwelt here, also nagged at the Darth. What manner of defenses would they have erected? How many knights had they deployed? Were they supported by legions of troopers? As strong as he was, Archonus could not take an entire army on alone, nor could any Sith other than perhaps the Emperor himself. He had demanded assistance from Imperial Intelligence, not specifying what he was doing or why, but he doubted whatever agent they sent (that is, if they even complied, for Imperial Intelligence had far more pressing matters to attend to, and the threat of reprimand from the Dark Council for giving assistance to whatever random Darth demanded it weighed heavily on their decisions) would even the score if battalions of Republic soldiers waited for them, entrenched and impregnable, waiting for some fool to come challenge them.

That line of thought begged the question: Who else was here?
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