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I think I should add here that I know quite a few people who have literally stopped playing (if they started in the first place) because that cannot create a character that they can actually relate to. And yes, that is because there is a lack of the the more exotic alien species (ie. non-Near-humans). Quite frankly, I probably wouldn't be playing (or even picked them game up in the first place) if I hadn't had an interest in the Sith species before SW:TOR came around. BioWare absolutely loves to talk about the relatability of our characters, but have essentially robbed us of the ability to relate because our favourite species weren't included.

Human beings are wonderfully empathetic creatures, able to relate to virtually anything: other people, animals, plants, inanimate objects (both natural and artificial) and even abstract concepts that have no physical presence. It is almost offensive to trivialize this human capacity by stating that a human face is needed to be able to relate to something.
I agree completly the only reason I still play is because its star wars and I keep hoping we will get better alien species. However they have lost a lot of people who wanted to play aliens. Maybe if they add better species they will get them back but they had better hope a new MMO with decent alien species doesn't come out.

The comunity has offered suggestion after suggestion on how aliens could be introduced and they have all been ignored.