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01.21.2013 , 11:59 AM | #19
i think the problem with most of these posts is that most people believe that solo queuers are against premades and that people who join premades are against solo queuers or bads. (in some cases this may be true)

Personally i think that with some relatively minor changes the situation could be made better for both premaders and soloers.

As a solo player I like the challenge of going against a premade and have experienced some excellent matches in a pug against premades and also on numerous occaisions beaten the premade in a pug.

I have also been in Pugs that have played against other pugs which have been epic battles where the range of gear and skills have been vast. In one of these pug v pug games (which we lost by the way) at the end of the game nearly every person on the team I was playing on said in general chat what a brilliant match it had been even though we lost.

my point is, I have no issue with losing to or playing against premades, or playing in pugs where players are badly geared or just have no skill, i don't even mind playing against 8 man premades, what I object to is that in the current wz system and on my server some nights you can come up against the same 8 man premades time after time.

I would like to be able to have the option to say I have lost to an 8 man premade for the last 4 warezones so I don't want to be put into another warzone with them, and if this means that my queue gets longer then so be it but if there are others who feel the same way as I do then I will be matched with or against them until I am ready to have another go against the 8 man premades.

Also if I am brave enough to go against an 8 man premade then I would hope to get better rewards, the same rewards as if I joined a premade and did ranked warezones.

If there is a system that makes things better for premades and solo players then suely this would be a win win situation.