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There are really only 5 on EST evening time zone. Do not forget the more elite guilds like Death-Sentence as one example who may be smaller, but have equally high end PvPers to rival any of the below and who are on at different times.

1. ID (IMP) Respect
2. Physics (IMP) Obsessive
3. WOOPS (IMP) Respect
4. OMG Pink (PUB) Respect
5. Grey Order / Resilience (PUB) Obsessive

How anyone can put WOOK on there is just crazy, and as for Dark Jesters, well Kyarra the snake ran off to make another guild called Unconquered, because she did not get her own way from what I understand. Attention seeking again, long grass, needs to be cut short snake.

The real top 5 are above, simple. All the other people that have put in guilds like Wanted and WOOK must watch POP IDOL or something.

Death-Sentence also have some fantastic PvPers, who are as far as I am concerned ranked right up there. The majority always choose the huge guilds, but fail to see the smaller more elite guilds, such as Death-Sentence, Resilience, etc. Be on early morning to see how Death-Sentence will own you, same applies with Resilience. 24 hour game, not just a few hours in the EST time frame.



All I have to say is LOL. Apparently you haven't been doing any ranked to actually have an opinion because that list is hilarious. Who cares if Death-Sentence can beat on noobs in the morning.

I also love how you continue to mention smaller pvp guilds not being recognized because of the size, yet you crack a joke about Wanted. Who indeed is small and has won and lost games in ranked against ID, Woops, and Resilience/Eternal. Wanted may not be the best, yet. But they deserve recognition of having a very competitive team.