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This is the worst part of being stuck defending a node, it kills your very well were the reason your team won the match but your teammates will look at your total damage and think you're a noob. /sigh
There was one Voidstar match a couple of days ago with me and my stealthy Sith where I was the one sneaking up to the doors behind the distracted defenders and blowing them open, every single time (I think someone else got the bridge over, but doors and force fields? All me!). To get to the core took 3, maybe 4 minuets? I was shocked on how easy it was and how sloppy the other team was. Needless to say, we totally demolished the other team and dominated that match, but I don't think I killed a single person the whole time.

At the end, during the summery screen? Not a single person noticed or cared. Not a single MVP vote. Gee, thanks guys.

(Also, I make no claims to actually being PVP awesome. Were I to try and replicate this effort, I would utterly fail. It was just this one time I was brilliant)