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OOC: I'll try to spice things up by being a Kaleesh.

Vizidaru wot Dk'ar, a Kaleesh chieftain of the nearby Hok tribe, strode towards the center of the Yig tribe camp and was surprised to see one of their greatest warriors in mortal combat with an outsider. His large muscular frame was able to push aside the smaller of his species as he made his way to the fight, watching the two duel with Kaleesh war swords. To do combat with them with their own weapons was an honorable move of the outsider, but because of recent events Vizidaru knew that his reasons for coming were not. As their fight went on, the scarred warrior stomped down hard on the ground with his rifle butt to get the attention of all.

"And so here is the outsider, hoping to gain our favor with one of our most sacred rituals!" he spoke in their native tongue...regardless of if Ravvok could understand it or not, "And why do you believe this one has come all the way here to do so? Obviously to drag our people into this war in which we have no stake! Our first mistake was allowing them to come in the first place, but since they are here our only course of action is to now obliterate them!"

The other members of his tribe that traveled with him yelled in approval and raised their rifles in salute, weapons that were taken from the bodies of slain imperials. The Hok tribe was a small, yet vicious tribe that showed little mercy in battle and even less mercy in politics. The tribe grew in recent years thanks to Vizidaru's negotiating skills and combat prowess, either merging peacefully with other tribes or defeating and absorbing them. Now he was hoping to do the same to the Yig tribe here, and use his combined might to rid the planet of the invaders; both Republic and Imperial.

"If this outsider wins the duel and the Yig tribe grants him and his people favor, know that they will be enemies to the true Kaleesh! I leave the decision to them, but not for long."
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