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I think any of the tank or DPS companions works with a Healing Sage (or any other AC capable of healing). I personally think it is more a question of which you like/fits your playstyle more and how easy is it to keep them alive once you are using them.

I personally use Qyzen on my DPS sage (he keeps them busy while I mow them down). I know, I know... you asked about Healing Sages, but hear me out. I want to share with you something I learned....

(I'm going to go slightly off-topic here. My apologies.)

I was having some issues keeping Qyzen alive until I learned to use the "focus" ability the game gives you.

Do the following:
  • Select Qyzen (or whatever companion you decide on).
  • Press Alt+F.

You should now see a new unit frame appear on your screen showing your companion (they will also appear to be permanently selected as they will have the selection circle "around" their feet). See if the focus frame is where you want it. If not, open the interface editor and move the frame to where you want it (I personally have it slightly smaller than the default size and appearing just above my cast bar).

Once you have the focus frame where you want it, it will be easy to assist your companion because the game has a "focus" modifier key. The default is the "End" key (I think... I've since added an alternative modifier ("n" in my case, as it is easy to reach with my left thumb and I suggest you do so aswell because "End" is really not that useful). When you press the "focus" modifier key and press/click an ability it applies to your "focus" target and not your "normal" target.

So now, I bubble Qyzen and send him to hold aggro (he does a great job of it too ) and start DPSing my target. Since I can see his unit frame right there in the middle of the screen, it is easy to see when his bubble runs out or his life is getting low. Then it is a simple question of pressing the focus modifier key and activate the appropriate ability to reapply the bubble or heal him.

Once I learnt to use the "Focus" ability of the game, keeping him alive and killing everything that we encounter became so much easier .

Getting used to using the "Focus" ability of the game on a Healing Sage is (I believe) an ever bigger advantage. When playing with others, you can "focus" the tank and target the boss (or vice versa) and that way you can heal the one and assist with DPS on the other as time and Force allow in a very simple manner. (Sidenote: I find myself often "focusing" the healer in Flashpoints. They sometimes get so carried away keeping the rest of us alive that they neglect their own health and this way I can easily assist them . A healthy healer keeps everyone else healthy too. )

I wish you the best in deciding on which companion to use and I hope you will try using the "focus" ability the game gives you (it will make your life easier and make you a better healer ).

  • Press Alt+F with nothing selected to clear your "focus".
  • Since companions are unsummoned by common game mechanics (when you use your mount, quicktravel, etc.) you will have to "re-focus" them again on a regular basis. (This only happens with companions. You won't have this problem with other player characters.)
  • The "Focus" modifier key is listed in the "Targetting" section of the keybinds.
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