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take the columi or rakata drops if they are upgrades for you, but you don't really need to worry about trying to acquire a full set of these from the hard mode FPs. Basically these sets are just a brief holdover until you get a set of blackhole/campaign gear, which you can get fairly quickly and easily

If you play regularly, like on a daily basis, it won't take you long to accumulate enough Blackhole comms to get a full set of BH gear. And then once you have a full set of gear, you can continue to improve it a little by adding Campaign armorings to the armor pieces that need them.

Just focus on getting these done as a priority during your play time:
1. HM flashpoint daily (be sure all FPs are selected in the Group Finder and that it says "daily reward available")

2. Black Hole weekly

3. Section X weekly

4. Story Mode Ops (EV and KP) - you do these each once a week, and I think you have to do them on separate days. again, do this through the Group Finder

5. Rakghoul Weekly - pick up this quest from the mission terminal and it requires you to complete HM Kaon and HM Lost Island. Lost Island is harder than other HMs so it's a toss-up on how good your group is, a lot of groups fail so learn the bosses and be willing to queue up for it multiple times to find a good group (or just run with you guild)

6. HM EV or HM KP - there is a weekly quest at the mission terminal for this and doesn't require a full run. the quest is to make "significant progress" in the op, which just entails killing the first couple of bosses. you can't queue up for this through the Group Finder, so you'll have to hang out on fleet looking for the raid or if your guild runs this then you're in luck

There's more raids you can run to get the BH comms, but they are higher difficulty and may require that you already have good gear. in my opinion, what I listed above is easy to do and is competely do-able with a mix of lower level 50 gear or War Hero pvp gear. If you do most or all of the above, you should be getting around 60+ BH comms (not sure on exact amounts) per week