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It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Sadly my studies don't leave me much spare time and too often I end up reading all of your wonderful stories until my time runs out. I'm going to try to comment more often, it seem so rude to thoroughly enjoy reading all your stories without leaving a note!

This is a short 900 words fluff piece that I wrote when I found out I unknowingly killed my smuggler's romance with Corso. Most ridiculous go/no go I have ever seen. Again, I apologize in advance for my newness to writing and my less-than-perfect grasp on the English language. Hopefully it'll improve with practise.

Prompt: Canned Responses for Night of the Living Dead
Title: Farmboys
Characters: Eiira (Smuggler), Corso Riggs
Spoilers: Some minor Smuggler: Prologue spoilers, as well as a spoiler for an early Corso romance conversation.


Authors Note: