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I'll join up with this, since it sounds interesting and I have to get my writing muscles going again lol

Species: Human-Miraluka Hybrid
Name: Lord Sapiens
Age: In his 60's
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 138 lb

Birth Planet: Nar Shadda
Class: Sith Inquisitor
Advanced Class: Sorcerer

Primary Weapon: A lightsaber pike ( with a red blade, lined with electrum (gold), and made to look like a royal scepter/staff. He pretends to use it as a walking aid to make his enemies underestimate him.
Secondary Weapon: A lightsaber shoto ( with a purple blade
Force Abilities: The usual abilities of a Sith, with an emphasis on telekinetic lightsaber combat.

Personality: Considered an oddball among his fellow Sith, Lord Sapiens has the outward personality of an eccentric old hermit. He puts out a carefree and friendly attitude to better manipulate others, but underneath this is the elitism and ambition of a usual Sith Lord. He finds most Sith to be overly violent, preferring a more subtle approach when it comes to solving problems and employing force only when necessary.

Bio: Born with the name Tolem Lamar, his painful origins led him to be picked up by a Sith who brought him to Dromund Kaas and trained him in the dark-side. After coming to see his master as a father-figure, it was with great reluctance that Tolem was forced to duel and kill his master. He went on to serve the empire for years as an archaeologist searching for ancient artifacts.
I like him already. I think you are the last person we need in order to start. I'll go ahead and begin my starting paragraph.
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