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01.21.2013 , 09:06 AM | #18
OMG really. After they cut down the "huge" gear gap people are still crying. Honestly, i think people are going to cry until the remove expertise completely. Which would be the worst move ever. Meaning gear grind would be purely cosmetic and i'm sure people who enjoy PvP don't really care what there gear looks like.

I haven't done a lot of 50 pvp lately, but i have in the past. From what i've seen almost 75% of the community doesn't even know how to properly play there class for one. I'd join WZ's with some augmented BM gear and some recruit pieces look around while standing in the gate and see 3/4 full WH players and think to myself i'm going to get sh*t on. Well get to the end and look and somehow I'm 100-200k more dmg than anyone else in the game.(no i don't consider myself a great PvPer either, while doing my grind i was put in a huttball with a full recruit PT who did 550k dmg and i was second at 480k next was under 200k) .

Lately a few guildies and I have been leveling alts. Mine being a Sorc healer. Purely through PvP. Besides my guildies i rarely see these lowbies break 150k dmg. One of my guildies is playing an assasin tank and even if it's just us two qing as a tank he'll take top damage every game(not to mention 60k protection and guarding nodes or doors for most of the game.) Well yesterday morning i logged on and started some solo q'es. First match 380k heals and a loss(was my highest healing on this toon at this point) no one in the match on my team did more that 125k damage. Second game 350k heals and bam another loss same deal dps is terribad. Third game i play is a voidstar i ended with 510k heals and guess what we lost.(in all these games not one healer on either team ever come within 150k healing of me). At this point a guildie logged in ran a match with him where i only needed to do 200k heals and we won. WHy? Because he can break 200k dmg and knows to kill healers.

My point here is you people coming on here to say pvp/WZ need to be gear restricted should( hate to say it) L2P. Find healers, mark them, kill them chances are your a noob beating on a tank/dps that has a healer free casting and laughing his *** off. And my god if i see another twinked PT/Vang in AP spec i'm going to lose it lol. Twink yourself then gimp it in AP spec lol.