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01.21.2013 , 08:38 AM | #17
Even though i believe WZs need to change I don't agree with making them to regimented by matching using gear. the reason for this is I think you have to have a wide range of gear to inspire people to get better gear. what i don't agree with is having to WZ against teams where everyone in the other team has a higher gear lvl than anyone in your team. even this however would be ok if it happened once in a blue moon but if it happens as the "norm" then this will just put people in recruit gear off continuing to pvp.

I can't understand why Bioware don't put the power to matchmake back into the hands of the players by giving us a set of buttons that allow us to choose what we are opposition we are willing to play against and just have 1 queue for warzones and depending on the options you choose would dictate if you end up in a Normal or Ranked WZ.

Bioware could give us 4 buttons that we could tick or untick depending on what we wanted to play :

8 man premade (effectively ranked warzones)
4 man premade
2 man premade

If you are in a group then the buttons you can tick are only those that are greater than or equal to your current group size, so anyone in a 4 man group could only tick 4 man or 8 man.

if you are solo then you can tick all groups if you like or only tick the solo button if you are a new player to level 50 and would then not be placed in a match with any premades.

if you are in a group of 6 then you would only be able to tick the 8 man button and would know that you are going to be pitted against other 6,7 or 8 man groups in a ranked warzone that has also been filled with solo players or 2 man groups that have actively ticked the 8 man button. The Ranked warzone rewards could also be applied since you know you are likely to be up against a premade.

i think this would allow premades that can't get 8 to play ranked warzones, albeit with solo fillers but also allow new level 50's to choose to only play in totally random warzones and so have a much better chance of actually winning one.

At least with this option if you keep coming up against an 8 man premade but are queuing solo you can untick the 8 man box