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Ye that makes sense. Either way my point was that with the numbers on the post 60% phase here is what we are left with:

Defence/Immortal 3776 DPS = 1888 HPSPH
Hybrid 3660 DPS = 1830 HPSPH

Both of those numbers are really testing the healers as this phase carries on for over a minute and burst may not be a possibility (especially with the damage they have to deal with in the pre 60% phase), yet both of those numbers can be achieved. Again due to the nature of RNG, the actual damage taken will vary fight-to-fight.

Threat is not a factor, both tanks would have been gaining threat on Kephess before any DPS attack it.


Will Hybrid come out ahead in terms of overall mitigation? Yes.
Do you have to be a Hybrid to beat NiM EC? Not necessarily, but you may want to consider it if the healers are having a hard time, it may give you the push you need.

I am running Immortal, but nowhere near geared enough to do NiM EC. Should I get there I may be persuaded to switch to Hybrid.
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