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01.21.2013 , 07:18 AM | #539
Some routers are simply set to kill ICMP packets and you will get the exact result above in jprife's test , is it an issue nope, can you do anyhing about it yes, read up on how the internet works.

Edit - this link is an old post but explains the basics well and is from an ISP

NOTE: it's really important to understand that the only hop that matters is the final destination. If the final hop (your target) is showing 0% packet loss and acceptable latency, then all the hops before that can show all kinds of errors and it doesn't matter. As long as the final destination isn't affected, then all other latency and packet loss is an artifact of router configuration (or similar), and there is no problem.

Edit - in a perfect world these artifacts shouldn't exist but the internet is far from perfect I am afraid.

In regards to Fluba's Pathping it indicates a slight issue with the server itself but you need multiple tests at around the same time to get a true picture of what is occuring.
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