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01.21.2013 , 07:01 AM | #538
I have been having major lag issues for quite some time now, connecting to Harbinger from the DC area. The lag happens at all times of day, but is worse during the peak hours, such as the evening.
There is bad packet loss once I leave the Comcast network (hop 8) and enter the (Verizon internet backbone) area, especially on hops 9 & 10, around 15% packet loss! Those servers show large packet loss and also show large lag spikes on the following trace route.
Concur. After running OpenDNS and doing the WoW Leatrix registry tweak (described upthread), I enjoyed a couple of weeks of relatively low-lag playing. However, over the past week, something has happened to the connection and I'm getting huge latency spikes (hitting 500-600k!) followed by Error 9000 server disconnects, which is making the game unplayable again. It took me an hour and a half yesterday to just do my dailies on Ilum because of the lag and repeated disconnects.

On Saturday, I started doing pathpings and tracerts, and found a huge road block in the DC area. Yesterday morning (Sunday), I did the following at about 10:00 a.m. with standard server traffic (on Jedi Covenant) per below. NOTE: I am located in the South Central Pennsylvania area, and my internet service provider is CTI/Centurylink:


So, there is obviously some kind of big road block in the Washington, DC area, judging from the 'timed outs' in the tracert. I did two other pathpings and tracerts on Saturday, with the same exact results.

I am so annoyed by this that I did a whois lookup and called the tech number given for the ip address and left them a message alerting them of the issue after trying to have my IP (Comcast) do so. If the CS Droids could possibly tell Verizon Business ( about their issues and get it fixed soon.
Way to take the initiative. It would be really wonderful if Bioware's network engineers got in touch with Verizon's network engineers to find the source of the hang-up in the DC nodes.