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UMMM FACT WOOK doesn't beat out eternal or OMG PINKS a team. Fact this is a BS list DARK JESTERS REALLY ive seen 4 man premades beat full 8 man dark jester teams. Fact GRATS ID your the top pvp guild on a pve server is it hard to get that status or just hard to play on a pvp server because you dont want to lose..

???? so does Churb taste salty people.
Completely honest opinion from you there, WOOK and DJs in our own guild groups beat them more than we lose, so many are deluded as per. I think many have just gone on guild sizes, but not looked at the real quality out there.

ID, Physics, OMG Pink, Resilience, WOOPS to me are the tough cookies, 75% of them are butt heads, but a few especially from WOOPs and ID are actually alright people.

Rest of em ..I..