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Interesting... Darth Vitiate would stand a good chance, but then if we go down that route, we have to accept that Darth Sidious could match the Ones as he is the ultimate Sith and strongest Sith Lord ever.

Anyway, I'd like to address the points made about Mother Talzin. From the CW lore, her powers far exceed anything else we've seen on the show. She can materialize matter out of thin air (the cup for Dooku etc...) also, she can teleport and fade away. She turned Savage Oppress from a thin warrior into a steroid looking maniac. With her magic, Savage found Maul and she was orchestrating the entire thing from parsecs away! She also fixed Darth Maul's broken, hermit mind and then gave him new legs as well. Her green lightning destroyed a batalion of droids, and her witchcraft would have killed a Sith Lord with ease (Dooku was going to die, that was a certainty).

So, these aren't my opinions... these are facts that are shown in the CW. So, in my eyes, she could be a One, as she has a unique, uncanny way of manipulating the force that could match almost any known force user in existence. I personally don't think she is a One, but to say she doesn't come near their power is a bold statement indeed.