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Stepping outside of the argument for the moment I want to connect these parallels to the real world.

Empire vs. Rebellion
Great Britain vs. American Colonies
Rome vs. Britannica and Gaul

Republic vs. CIS
American Civil War

As for the philosophical differences between Jedi and Sith:

Jedi vs. Sith
Stoicism vs. Natural Inclination
Buddhism vs. ""
Superego vs. Id
Apollonian vs. Dionysian
Natural World vs. Civilization
Suppressing feelings vs. Utilizing emotions

The Jedi discourage emotions, especially strong ones.
  • Yoda warns Anakin about his fear in Episode I
  • Jedi are forbidden to marry until the New Republic
  • Jedi meditate in the Eastern fashion (emotionless)

They mainly avoid emotion because of the powerful control it can have over people as it does in the Sith but they do go a bit far. And as I've said before, not meaning any disrespect at all if it sounds offensive, but I equate Jedi philosophy with a kind of militarized Buddhism. Buddhism believes that emotions are harmful for similar reasons.