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Well they could take atleast a look at this post, i mean there is a limited range that attacks have, if someone climbs very high ( i can do this already ) and attacks from above it might not work due to range limits, about exploiting, right now you can go almost anywhere when u try long enough, and ive seen only litle amount of exploiters so far.

the jump system would it make more fun to travel withing pve so much.. it gives the game more dynamic.. being ( especially ) a jedi / sith who can only jump to target but not on a container is pretty lame :O

Im also pretty sure SWTOR would get more advertised with features live A.J.S.. i mean there not so many games with a cool movement system.. adding jedi jumps to SWTOR would make it very attractive even to people who disliked swtor because we still running on oldschool movement ( WoW / lineage2 style where we are nailed on the ground ).

I hope really they take a look and add something similiar...everytime i watch the movies my heart breaks when i see them jumping y,y
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