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01.21.2013 , 03:55 AM | #10
Ranked warzones have been increasingly difficult to organize, getting 8 people online at the same time can be challenging but more challenging is having the right class balance and healers for ranked.

Meeting these few requirements is difficult but when the stars align on the rare occasion it does happen you’re still far from a ranked game as you then need to contact the 1-3 other Guilds that do ranked and hope that their team is in the same situation as yourself. Where they have the team they are happy to compete with.

We have exhausted many options to get ranked going, hoping that Wednesdays and Fridays would kick off as the two days a week to form and queue but the time waiting for a ranked game can be frustrating that members of the teams would rather just queue normal have their fun then call it a night.

I have decided to not waste my efforts on chasing ranked games but instead just wait for the server mergers to happen when and if they happen. With a larger population on our server people’s morale and interest in ranked will resume and hopefully ranked nights can be formed and enjoyed.

Sorry for the novel but I like to explain the situation to its extent, also at SnX we are planning a ranked PvP Tournament after the Duelling Tournament and after the 2v2 Tournament both events we hope will provide entertainment for all, while we bide our time to server merges.