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Okay here is my idea.. it should look like following:

Example: You have a skill called "Heroic Jump".. once you click it you get a marker ( similiar to "Death from above" or that "Huttball-Throw" ) and you place it somewhere in the range of 10-40 (or 30), then your character begins to jump to that marked position. ( in and out of combat , but maybe not in warzones )


For Bounty Hunters and Troopers we could have an animation where they use Jetpack or Jetboots.

For Sith Warriors and Jedi Knights we could just use a "spiral-jump" animation or "a forward flip" or something like this.... this would make the jumps look like in the movies <3

For Inquisitors and Consulars we could use their Lightnings / Golden glow ( like that one guy in the sith warrior class mission custscene , where his body was surrounded by lightnings and he jumped very high).

For Agents and Smugglers we could use some "Ninja-like" movement.. maybe similar to the "cover-roll".


This post is for Devs and Players, maybe players can add more ideas to this to make it perfect

PS. In case of Wrong-Forum i ask them to move it to correct forums.. but somehow i cant find a suggestion forum :/
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