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Name: Zaras - The second.
Birthplace: Nar Shaddaa,
Occupation: Imperial Intelligence, Sister to Darth Irialis
Race: Human.
Class: Imperial Agent
Advanced Class: Operative
Weapons: Sniper Rifle.
Secondary's: Limited use of force Lightning and Force choke, taught to her by her sisters.
Misc: Holo Comunicator, Earpiece, Cybernetic listening device disguised as an ear ring.
Personality: Deceptive, anonymous. Believes the war is fought in the shadows.
Goals in life: To protect her sister, and to protect the empire.
Hates: Xenophobia.
Likes: Sarcasm, Sith, Imperial Intelligence,
the bit where your force sentive does mean your sister is breaking imperial law
the emporer`s law
for info mation my master master is Darth Arctis so you would have to go him to have me killed sith rules
i have backmail infomation to give to Darth Arctis which means he may not allow it